2007 PETERBILT 357

MTM 10,5 yards

Stock # RA-7008-07

This is a 2007 Peterbilt model 357. It has a MTM Mixer with a capacity of 10.5 yards. Manual Transmission and Hendrickson Suspension. REGULAR TANDEM – OVERHAULED ENGINE – NEW CYLINDER HEAD.
General conditions:  Sandblasted and Painted. Mixer and truck are mechanically checked.
All the following items were replaced by new ones:
-New Charger & Collection Hopper
-New Electric Harness & Lights
-A/C Compressor/Dryer
-New Working Lights
-New Water T System & AiR
-New Water Assembly
-New Water Wash Hoses
-New Water Tank Flapper
-New Water Valves
-New 1” Water Hose in all Truck
-New Rear Control
-New Control Cables
-New Booth Collector
-New Oil Filter, Diesel & Motor Oil
-New Oil Visors
-New Slump Meter
-New Hydraulic Gauges
-New Air Gauges
-New Safety Valve
-All Truck Greased
-New Fenders
-New Main Chute
-New 3 Aux Chute
-New Chute Straps
-New Wiper Blades
-New Dot Tape
-New Dot Bumper
-New Fold Back
-New Tire Hubcaps
-New Rock Blocker
-New Mud-Flaps

Location:Arlington, TX
EngineCummins 330
MIXER ManufacturerMTM
Capacity10.5 yrds
AxleRegular Tandem
ConditionSandblasted and Painted. Mixer and Truck Mechanically Checked.

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